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  New Plymouth, NZ

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Pouakai Zoo
Conditions of Entry

• Visitors enter the Zoo at their own risk and accept these Terms and Conditions. Pouakai Zoo is not liable for loss, injury, or damage, including car park facilities.

• Visitors must use a public entrance, pay the entrance fee as listed, and no ticket exchanges or refunds are permitted unless discretionary decision by Pouakai Zoo management.No refunds will be given due to weather conditions, maintenance work, animals not on display, exhibits closed or any other reason, including unsatisfactory visitation.

• Pouakai Zoo may close or alter any animal habitat or animal feeding introduction/ experience at any time without liability for visitor loss or expense.

• Visitors must not enter restricted areas designated by signage unless accompanied by Pouakai Zoo staff.

• Children must be supervised by an adult aged 15 or over.

• Visitors must not touch, disturb or interfere with any animal unless animals permitted to be fed as per list outlined in entrance to the zoo, allow any objects to fall into or enter habitats; climb on, damage or deface any structure or signage.Retrieving items from animal habitats is prohibited and zoo staff would need to be notified.

• Appropriate attire and footwear should be worn. Pouakai Zoo may refuse entry for objectionable or inappropriate clothing.

• Visitors must not conduct any commercial or charity activity without the written consent of Pouakai Zoo. Professional (including commercial) photography and filming, including all media and commercial organisations, is only permitted by prior arrangement with Pouakai Zoo management.

• Smoking is prohibited in the Zoo; this includes electronic cigarettes and vaping. During normal Zoo opening hours visitors can smoke within zoo carpark area provided they keep distance to other visitors. Visitors who do not comply will be asked to leave.

• Visitors must adhere to car parking signs; Pouakai Zoo accepts no liability for any claim of loss or damage to any vehicle, whether resulting from using the car park or from negligence or otherwise.

• Pouakai Zoo may deny access or remove visitors not complying with conditions of the zoo as instructed by personnel or signage; acting recklessly, or being a public nuisance.

• Minimum adult-to-children ratio is 1 to 10. Groups without adequate supervision ratios may not be allowed entry.

Decisions to deny access or remove visitors are at Pouakai Zoo's absolute discretion.